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We all get together as a family to celebrate a unique Thanksgiving Eucharistic Mass on the first
Saturday of June each year.This time, our cherished Rev. Kajakata led the way.The service was a true moment of introspection, appreciation, and expressing thanks for all the blessings we have been bestowed with throughout the year.




Rev. Canon Mutasa delivered a moving sermon on the value of thankfulness and gratitude in our lives. He emphasised to us that there is always something to be grateful for, regardless of the situation. We could all relate to what he said, and it really did set the tone for the rest of the service.



With their amazing singing, the TYP choir also contributed significantly to the service’s beauty and memorability. Their accolades and expressions of gratitude filled the sanctuary, fostering a spirit of
happiness and thankfulness.




We were treated to a delectable feast of African cuisine following the ceremony because of the kind donations made by our church members, friends, sponsors, and trustees. Our community’s diversity
and richness were aptly symbolised by the food, and it was a pleasure to dine together.



We were appreciative of the participation of additional sponsors and well-wishers who live-streamed the service as they could not come in person and joined our Thanksgiving Mass; Now we are in thanksgiving mode!

Everyone was able to take part in the celebration, regardless of location, thanks to their dedication and support for the community.



We took the opportunity to record memories with photos and gifts while we came together to celebrate. These keepsakes will act as a remembrance of the memorable times we had on this


All things considered, the Ceremony was a lovely and heartfelt remembrance of appreciation. We are grateful to our leaders, our church family, and everyone else who helped to make this day
special. May we always have an attitude of gratitude in our hearts as we go forth and spread our blessings to everyone we meet.