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On August 6th  2023, we were privileged as the Tariro family to visit our father Reverend Canon Mutasa’s new station, Holy Name Parish in Sally Mugabe Crowhill, Harare an outstation of Christchurch parish Borrowdale . It was a tremendous delight to attend the church service and spend the entire day engaging with different members .


The church service started at 9.30am and was led by Rev  Canon Mutasa, and the Tariro choir sang beautifully throughout. We sung a variety of songs of praise and worship of God. Following the Scripture readings from the Bible, Canon delivered a stunning sermon about the Holy Name , a name above all other names ;the value of Christ’s name and how we should always respect it. We thank Canon for allowing God to use him in order for us to understand how awesome our God is. On the same day the parishioners were commemorating the Holy Name. It was also their harvest day ; very successful .


Following the church service, the Wardens gave several announcements and thanked the choir for their vibrancy. They also praised God for everything He does for them. Our choirmaster, Fidelis Farirepi , was given the opportunity to share some of the Tariro family history . This helped the parishioners to understand the origins and the continuous successes of Tariro Youth. God is been good to us always; EBENEZER!! 


Soon after the service we were served a delicious meal which included several nutritious African delicacies made by the Mother’s Union. We had a chance to mingle with the Holy Name youths and other guests. We had a terrific day as we were able to share our varied experiences and stories. There is a standing invitation to join them on the youth day!!


We are grateful for the invitation to Holy Name , we enjoyed everything, Thank you Baba Reverend Canon Mutasa, God bless you abundantly .

Take a look at the lovely photographs we captured.


Baba Reverend Canon Mutasa preaching the Gospel of God


Holy Name Parishioners


TYP choir



Fidelis Farirepi sharing the TYP history.