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TYP Farm End of Year Update

Season’s Greetings!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Seasons and warm greetings. We are pleased to bring you another update on our ecological farming. Whenever we have the chance to share our experiences and progress with you, it’s always a pleasure to do so. Our efforts are geared towards producing clean, regenerative farm products that will sustain us, the locals, and spread the word about ecological agriculture. Thank you for walking this amazing journey with us and we are forever grateful for your support. Highlights of the report are as follows:

– Construction of 5 more pigsties,

– diversification of our farming,

-extension of clean environmentally friendly solar energy for both irrigation and household use and
– last but not least summer maize production.

The warm and rainy season is upon us and every farmer, whether small holder or commercial farmer, is excited to get going on yet another farming cycle with ideal temperatures and rain. We cannot be excluded from the excitement, and therefore on the 1st of November we planted slightly under a hectare of maize. We are expecting a yield of 8 tons. With our regenerative and ecological practice, we are using pig manure to feed the plants. Previously we had beans which left quite a good amount of nitrogen in the soil through a process called nitrogen fixation. In contrast, maize responds well to extra nitrogen, which is readily available. When planting we practice minimal soil disturbance and that is good for soil microorganisms which will help make essential nutrients available for the plants. The maize will be used to mix with pig feed concentrates which is relatively cheaper. We are also buying maize from local small holder farmers, mostly via barter trade.

On another part of the farm closer to the Humbu river, we planted 220 banana plants to increase diversification and help to cover and hold the soil from erosion. Why bananas? They do very well in Honde Valley with proper feeding (manure). When grown in perennial systems, bananas maintain cover throughout the year, thus protecting the soil. The bananas are now 6 months old and we are expecting our first harvest in June, an approximation of 3 tons. The current selling price of bananas is $0.25 to $0.30 per kilogram. In order to plant another 220 plants, the proceeds will be ploughed back into the project. Please see the pictures below.



The goal of our pig propagation program, which is underway, is to reach a self-sustaining level by the end of 2023. The main limitation was the number of pigsties. Thankfully, five more pigsties are being constructed, giving us 15 in total. Presently, we have 74 pigs, mostly for breeding but a few for the market so we can purchase feed. The pigs are looking and growing well, and we are exhilarated. We continue to hoard pig manure which we are using for our crops. As an advantage of integrated farming, the pigs provide the crops with food.

As shown in one of the images above, we have managed to add more solar panels. A key goal was to make sure that there was enough power for household use and to power the irrigation pump. Now we can effectively irrigate the crops when the rains are not available.

The way we manage agricultural land matters. It matters to people, it matters to our society, and it matters to the climate. Please accept our sincere thanks for walking with us on this journey to restore our planet and to produce healthy, nutritious food. May all that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you joy be yours. Stay tuned for more updates! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.




Thank you.