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Every year Tariro Youth set a theme that runs from September to the following August. This year’s theme is “The Attitude of Gratitude”. It is this theme that led us to Shearly Cripps.

  1. How the whole trip impacted us, and lessons taken from it

In the midst of striving to improve our own lives and earn as much as we can with our talents, balance our work and family, we realized that there may be an important but overlooked key to feeling better. And that is simply: giving back.

Giving back to Shearley Cripps meant a sense of appreciation for everything that TYP trustees and the TYP family all over the world did for us in our time of need and a desire to do the same for someone else as much as we can.

A lot can be improved in terms of the actual planning and execution, we can only learn from our own mistakes and build from there, they say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and this was our first step towards cultivating a culture of giving back in appreciation of what God and the TYP family has done for us.

The whole experience was about investing time and resources to help our little brothers and sisters at Shearley Cripps. This was a simple act of kindness to provide a moment of hope or happiness to the kids and we all hope that was achieved.

2.Our thoughts on the way forward for TYP counsellors going forward in terms of giving back.

Regardless of how much we managed to do, one thing is certain; the world is a better place when we all give, and this is the first of many to come God willingly.

We are hopefully going to find more ways of positively impacting the lives of other less privileged kids out there and make our own little footprints in the lives of many deserving individuals.

We have adopted the mantra: to whom much is given, much is expected, and we are going to build from there and hopefully enlarge our footprints in Zimbabwe and beyond.

We also intend to help our young brothers and sisters at Shearly Cripps through the journey/ process of healing that we went through and helped set us in the right path in life through letting go of our inner pain.

Shearly Cripps was a start, and we plan to do it to TYP and beyond. We plan to start a fund as Counsellors that we will draw from in our quest to make a difference to our peers. Below are some of the photos we took on the day.


Presentation of gifts


The gifts that were contributed by the counsellors.


Group photo.


Getting ready for the games.


TYP Counsellors.