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Greetings to you all. Below are a few updates we would like to share with you. We are doing a chicken project and currently we have 100 chicks.  We will continue with a cycle, every after 8 weeks. This project requires full attention so we make sure that the birds are fed early in the morning and we refill drinkers with water. We also constantly check that; the chicken feed and water is enough. Running a successful chicken project requires to have more knowledge about broiler chickens hence we always search for information on how to keep the cages clean in order to prevent disease spread. When the chickens are ready, 80% are sold and the funds go to the next cycle and 20% are for home consumption. This is an exciting and delightful project in which every member of Tariro house participate. A great life skill! I have inserted a photo below please a have a look.


Now 2 weeks


Another important update is that we have a family wedding on the 22nd of October 2022. One of our brothers Kundai is getting married to his fiancée, Tariro. It is exciting that Kundai’s brothers and sisters (TYP) have volunteered to help out with the planning with each member having his/ her role to play and coordinate.

Tariro is responsible for Décor and Venue

Byron responsible for Catering

Fidelity responsible for Transport

John responsible for entertainment

However, there is a lot of progress that has been made so far and above all we would like to congratulate Kundai and his fiancée Tariro.

We would also like to thank you for your endless support and profound generosity. Continue to be blessed.


Thank you