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The TYP family had a wonderful day on Tuesday 10th of March celebrating International Women’s Day. Various organizations namely; Young Generation, Prospaz, Higherlife Foundation and Helpline Zimbabwe came to Tariro House to celebrate with us.

Some of our perceptions about the day were different. By the end of the day. we all agreed on the meaning of the event. We were taught different tasks and skills that a woman can do regardless of their level of education.  Women or girls can use their hands to earn income simply by sewing, baking or doing some projects e.g. poultry farming.


We were impressed by so many testimonies from the Young Generation girls who shared their experiences on how they use their hands to earn income and how this process has changed and transformed their lives. Some of the girls from Young Generation went on to say that they were willing to work with us and help other women in different communities to have better lives. A plan was agreed on moving this exciting opportunity forward

The program ended with us playing different games such as netball, volleyball and soccer .We were provided with lunch and shared presents…

We extend our thanks to the organizations mentioned above and our trustees for a well organised, stimulating and fruitful event we truly appreciate your efforts and your endless support.