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Delight Gomera came  of age 26th December and paid a bride price (lobola)


Congratulations to our brother Delight for paying the bridal price to the family of Rachel Nkatha on the 26th of December 2019. It was  a special day for both families as we were all excited and anxious about this event. Delight is the fourth amongst the boys who have followed our father’s (Reverend Mutasa) protocol {go to school, work, and marry}.

The go between was our brother Byron accompanied by Devine and others all the way to Bulawayo. The process went well and it was an exciting moment and experience as well.

Eventually the team came back home smiling having done a good job at negotiations.

Our best wishes go to Delight and his beautiful fiancé Rachel. We cannot wait for the bells to ring in the not too distant future… Below are extra  the photos we took on Delight and Rachels day


Thank you.