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TYP’s piggery project.

As TYP family we would like to inform our sponsors about the piggery project which we are about to start. Rev, Cannon Mtasa came up with this brilliant idea for us to raise some funds for fees and other basics through keeping some pigs. We would buy them as piglets and sell them when they are fully grown pig. Our target market are both local and international companies. We are very grateful to have such father, who always come up with life sustaining ideas.

We have established the site for our project in Acturus here in Harare. We are drilling a borehole for safe and clean water for our pigs. We have reached the water table, there is plenty of water at the site and we can proudly say that borehole drilling has been a success. In the planning of this project, tafadzwa mandikate (an accountant) is leading us and we hope to start the project in the few coming months. We are forever grateful as TYP family. God bless you all.