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St Paul’s Marlborough Mothers Union Visit.

No gift is as precious and profoundly appreciated as the gift of spending time together. We, as the TYP youth, happen to be blessed with this gift on numerous occasions and on the 21st of July it was the Mothers’ Union from St Paul’s Marlborough Anglican church led by Mrs Manzongo. Mrs Manzongo is also a member of the TYP trustees’ board.

Apart from the physical gifts they brought, the mothers had a message for each one of us:  who do we say we are? What does God say about us?

The main points picked from the lesson they gave us is that we are all limited editions on different life paths drawn by God and we should know ourselves. This allows us to have an illumination that God set events to happen in line with what he planned for us. It was a powerful preaching which strengthen us spiritually and socially. Father, Rev Cannon Mtasa gave a speech, briefing the mothers on the details of TYP family. On top of the spiritual gifts, our mothers also brought us some groceries and we were very grateful for the gifts.

It was a blessed day as we sang together, creating a bond with them that will allow more interactions on a personal level in the future. Their visit was a reminder to us that God constantly sends mothers to his children, even if the biological mothers are no more. To the mothers, we would want to say, we are very grateful for the support you are giving us, may the Almighty God bless you.

As TYP family, we are always grateful for the love and care you give us each and every day. God bless you.